13 September 2023

Dutch Transtal Shipping Places MPP Order At Thecla Bodewes

The Dutch shipbuilder Thecla Bodewes Shipyards has announced that they signed a shipbuilding contract with Groningen-based short-sea shipowner Transtal Shipping B.V., for the construction of a diesel-electric propelled multi-purpose vessel with scheduled delivery in fall of 2024.The ordered 5,100 dwt dry cargo vessel SALMO has been fully developed by Thecla Bodewes Shipyards’ own in-house design team, and marks the start of the yard’s second building line following its strategic growth ambitions

13 September 2023   by Shipping Telegraph

03 May 2023

Turkish Coaster Magazine 25th Issue - Koster Dergisi 25. Sayı Röportajı

[EN]When we consider maritime industry and freight rates, ship owners/investors for low tonnage vessels known as coaster, should lean through new bu

30 December 2022

The Whole World is faced with a choice of protecting the numbers or spend the savings. - Bütün Dünya Mevcudu Korumak ya da Birikeni Harcamak Yönünde Bir Tercih ile Karşı Karşıya

[EN]Developments at foreign trade also effects the sea transport market. In this direction a period of low freight rates is happening. Şendoğan Göks

28 November 2022

New Economy December Report / Yeni Ekonomi Dergisi Aralık Röportajı

 [EN]We are moving forward through our way while growing-“I am thinking that I gain acceleration from the sector’s need of trustworthy and reli

24 December 2021

Turkish Coaster Magazine 23rd Issue Report - Koster Dergisi 23.Sayı Röportajı

[EN]What do you think was the impact of new investors, who turned to the maritime sector, which is gaining traction, on the ship sell and purchase m

16 July 2020

Turkish Coaster Magazine Issue 18 Report - Koster Dergisi 18.Sayı Raporu

[EN]With Covid-19 what type of graph we see in second-hand ship S&P market.Of course we saw a falling graphic, considering we just left a period